Travelling with a medical device

Check with your doctor before flying to make sure it is safe for you to go through the metal detector at the security checkpoint. Always carry documents that support your medical condition. Plan ahead The limit of two carry-on bags does not apply to medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids. Make advance arrangements with your air carrier if you need to transport a battery-powered wheelchair … Continue reading Travelling with a medical device

Tips for greener travel

Some simple guidelines for greener travel 1. Choose Eco-Friendly Destinations Look for destinations that make preservation and sustainability a priority. Certain locations, such as Alaska, Costa Rica, South Africa, U.S. National Parks, Belize, and Maho Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, have more to offer environmentally aware travelers. 2. Go Digital Being green doesn’t have to be a hassle. Several airlines are … Continue reading Tips for greener travel

Are you just drifting through life?

Too many people just drift through life, going with the flow, never having any direction about where they want their lives to go. They are like a paper cup that blows around in the car park at the shopping Centre. It is totally at the whim of the wind and it just floats around from one side of the car park to the other. Do … Continue reading Are you just drifting through life?

It’s vital to connect the fundraisers to the financiers

It’s vital to connect the fundraisers to the financiers An article by Beverley Gwadera Bloged by Jaboola Medical in the interest of raising funds for good causes. For the last seven years, I have been providing financial and fundraising products to the third sector. In that time, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of charity finance. But the toughest meetings I … Continue reading It’s vital to connect the fundraisers to the financiers

Simple Cycle of Success

When you are searching for different, more positive and sustainable long term results in your life. You must start the process by first developing a crystal clear picture of the exact outcome or result you want to experience and then commit to develop a plan to get you there. The final results that you will enjoy will only be as good as the plan you … Continue reading Simple Cycle of Success

Using ETO to sterilize a medical kit

Ever wondered how medical kits get to be sterile.  Here is one method that is in very widely used.  Should you have any questions, or wish to find out more, please contact me at or visit our website. Sterility is defined as complete freedom from all viable microorganisms. The process of sterilization is a probability function, because of the logarithmic order of microbial death … Continue reading Using ETO to sterilize a medical kit

Health tips for travellers

Health tips for travellers.   This is a great article to read for travellers to South Africa.  The issues raised here are the same for a lot of sub Saharan Africa, but please check local contry health requirements, as the water is not always safe to drink.  Remember to take a sterile needle kit with you and to have medical travel insurance. Feel free  to … Continue reading Health tips for travellers


The list of people who can benefit from the use of our medical kits is very long. Here are just a few: Individuals – Tourists, contractors, relief workers, overseas volunteer workers, company employees in a multitude of industries, aid workers, missionaries etc. Government and NGOs – Hospitals and clinics, ambulances, fire brigades, health facilities at airports/sea ports and other points of entry, health care organisations, … Continue reading WHO CAN BENIFIT FROM USING MEDICAL KITS?